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neil fabry client profile

NEIL FABRY - Client Profile and Interview

To kick things off, give us a brief overview of yourself and how the FAB group of Industries became what it is today.

I was born and raised in Australia and as I grew up I enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always cherished it. I’ve always wanted to experience everything life offers, whether skydiving, rock climbing, or learning a foreign language.

Spending such a long time in the air on some of the most giant mining rigs in the world and then underground teaches you a few things about yourself.

Today, the chances of someone hurting themselves at work are relatively low. However, if something went wrong back then at a mining site, it could even result in death. The dangers are great. However, this is typically the case; high risk typically comes with high reward. But I’m not about the risks anymore. The organization is risky, yes, but I focus more on making plans for success and getting ready for the next opportunity.

To be honest, if my present self would go back in time and tell me that I would have not just one or two but three successful businesses, I would probably laugh it off and go by with my day, but with a bit of luck and hard work, FAB Groups are one the biggest industries in Australia, handling clients such as Woolworths, BIG W, Telstra, and Audi just to name a few.

It wasn’t easy you know, stepping out of my comfort zone and starting something that I never knew would become an empire, but as they say “ If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”.

What inspired Neil Fabry to start a logistics company?

Well, the scaffolding warehouse was largely empty and was costing me a lot of money. I was unable to get rid of the warehouse out of fear that I might actually need the space for the scaffolding, but one day out of nowhere an idea struck me in the head and I was sitting there with my old man and looking at this space and our forklift, and I said to him… We need a solution for this wasted space and  Not long after the solution, we came up with a business model which led to the birth of a 3PL, warehousing, and moving stocks.

What started from;

  • 1 empty warehouse costing me money
  • A forklift
  • A father and Son team

is now one of Australia’s most trusted 3pl, freight, warehousing, and logistics companies. We have clients such as Woolworths, BIG W, Telstra, and Audi to name a few.

At FAB Logistics we unload over 100 Pallets of stock per day. We constantly oversee more than 150,000 stock pallets for our clients. In less than three years, we have accumulated over four locations throughout Australia, along with a smaller empty warehouse. By 2025, we hope to have more than 250,000 square meters of warehouse space.

It’s amazing what one can do with a good idea, a lot of hard yakka, and a bit of good luck!

How about you give us an insight into the challenges faced by a logistics company?

All industries in a nation are supported by logistics companies. It is difficult to picture an economy without sufficient logistics and transportation, whether it be for an industry, agriculture, or simply transporting stuff. The promotion of trade and smooth operations depend heavily on logistics. However, even the biggest logistics companies face increasing challenges as a result of evolving technological advancements, shifting consumer demands, and constantly shifting legal requirements.

Cost saving on Transportation, Enhanced Business procedures, Improving Customer service, Relationships with suppliers, Reverse logistics, Shortage of Drivers, Skilled Manpower, Government Regulations, and Technological Barriers are just to name a few.

What does a day in life look like for Neil Fabry?
Can you take us through a recent workday?

I enjoy having a cup of coffee in the morning before working out or going for a walk. I typically read newspapers while eating breakfast in order to stay current on all the newest news and trends.

I make an effort to start my day with priorities and focus on tasks that demand my immediate attention. As my permission and comments are needed in so many various areas, there is always time stress for all the tasks to be performed, yet the work gets done with motivated people and resources.

Each day is a summary of the week’s tasks in a weekly WIP, which aids in planning the projects and tasks for the upcoming week. Making ensuring the team has all they need and using uninterrupted desk time to complete my most essential work are all things I schedule time for in the mornings.

Working on our projects, partner meetings, strategy discussions, emails, examining financials and data, briefings, and workshops make up the rest of the day.

What habits or routines have you developed over the years that you believe have helped you succeed in life?

A smart place to start is to be very clear about what you want in the first place. Routines and habits might act as a structure to help you accomplish those objectives if you’re really committed to making it happen. All it takes is one modest adjustment to start a cascade of beneficial outcomes.

My habits and routines are designed around the kind of life I want to lead, the accomplishments I want to make, and the good impacts I want to have, which has enabled me over the years to keep myself accountable for my goals.

To reduce food waste, I get up early, work out every day, meditate, practice gratitude every day, and prepare my meals in advance. I make sure to schedule a few hours each day for intense work without interruptions like checking my phone or emails, and this helps me finish the most crucial tasks.

It’s possible for actions and ways of thinking to develop into strong habits. For instance, when things don’t go according to plan, there is a chance to analyze the specific issue, the attitude, and the strategy, which creates room to try something new or to act in a different way.

It can also be quite helpful to intentionally show up every day, no matter how challenging things become, reflect, make progress, and strive to improve upon the previous performance.

What is that one moment you are very proud of which you would like to share with the readers?

Ahh, that would be supporting my favorite football club West tigers. As of January, Fab Industrial Logistics has partnered with the Club as a Premier Partner for Season 2023.

Do you have any final words for our readers about work, life, or finding balance?

As momentum grows, it can be simple to become intimidated by the opportunity, making the need to learn how to say no more important than how to say yes. It becomes crucial to develop the ability to differentiate between chances that should be seized and temptations that should be refused.

There is no room for serendipity when one goes too far in one direction or the other, such as saying no to everything because you believe it is the proper thing to do or saying yes to everything without hesitation or planning.

Being able to include the items that don’t have a clear return on investment but are frequently the things that make the entire investment worthwhile creates a wonderful, healthy balance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neil Fabry

Neil is the Founder of Fab Industrial logistics, Fab Scaffolding and Fab Bloodstocks.

Neil Fabry made the decision to go out on his own and launch a Scaffolding Business after working for the biggest mining firms for more than ten years on the biggest mining rigs and sites on the planet. He looked for fresh prospects outside of merely scaffolding inside the construction business in this fiercely competitive market.

According to Neil, success is defined as “when preparation meets opportunity.” Neil saw his opportunity when he recognized that no one was trained in or capable of being first on the scene when natural disasters struck in Australia.

As a result, Neil and his group were able to deploy and enter “still rather risky places” to assist the emergency personnel and individuals in need. As a result, Neil and his business, FAB Industrial Scaffolding, gained a reputation among rescue organizations and even insurance firms for being on the scene when others couldn’t.

Business is Neil’s passion, and he is a co-founder and director of three well-known companies in Australia which includes :

FAB Industrial Scaffolding
FAB Industrial Logistic
FAB Bloodstock

You can visit Neil’s website for more details at neilfabry.com

When Neil was still a child his father took him to a game of West tiger’s. According to him that was one of the best nights of his life and ever since then he has never missed a game and have supported them ever since then.

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